The machine tools are classified mainly into two groups: one is machine tools working by removing material and other is machine tools working by deformation. In turn, these are classified as:

Cutting with material removal

1. Start of large portions of the material:

a) Shears

b) Scissors

c) Guillotine

2. Starting small portions of material:

a) Lathes. Turret lathes and automatic

b) Milling

c) Boring and boring mills

d) Drills

e) Machines for the manufacture of gears

f) Tapping

g) Planing, shaping or shrouds

h) Broaching

i) Machining centers (with storage and automatic tool change)

j) Sawing machines and saws

k) Machining units and special machines

3. Start of thin portions of material:

a) Grinding.

b) Polishing, grinding

c) Rolling and lapping machines

B) Machine tools for material deformation:

a) Mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic presses.

b) Forging.

c) Machines for processing of sheet and strip.

d) Machines for working bars and rods.

e) Machines for working tubes.

f) Machines for wire working.

g) Machines to manufacture bolts, screws, nuts and rivets.

It is generally understood by a machine to a device to harness, direct and regulate the action of a force and tool definition applies to those instruments that set in motion the hand of man.

Therefore, it is known machine – any machine tool mechanical processes, operates a tool, replacing the hand of man. A machine tool is primarily intended to replace manual work of the mechanical work in the manufacture of parts.

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